New Blog!

That’s a title I’ve typed out more times than I’d care to admit, and probably more times than is healthy. You know, I’m somewhat obsessed with the idea of starting new blogs, posting in them for a bit, and then deleting them and starting again.

There’s just something refreshing about new blogs. Like a cycle of death and rebirth. I kind of like the idea that the stuff I wrote is now gone forever, but that a record of the stuff I’m writing now exists for as long as I want it to.

Or maybe I’m just super fickle and fond of over-thinking things, haha.

This blog, by the way, is probably gonna be used as a way for me to extend my Facebook rants without annoying my friends too much. There’ll be some overlap with the stuff I post there, but I’m thinking this would be where I put the ‘expanded’ version of those mini-essays I write sometimes.

Gotta do something with your time, right?


Author: JackKinLim

There's like, stuff that should be here.

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